Family Law Specialist

The dynamics of family are ever changing, when mediation fails couple goes to court for settlement. Family laws guard the interests of the parties and children alike during the trying times of separation or otherwise. Anyone can represent themselves in court, but the stress of legal procedure, the pain of separation can add to the anxiety over anticipation of an outcome. Such hindrance during the legal process can affect the outcome of the case. If a person has the understanding of the law and its application can present his or her case. Otherwise, people around San Bernardino and Riverside Counties know that the Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb is the point of first consultation. Joyce Holcomb, alumni of California Southern Law School is renowned for extensive experience in a variety of family law cases. You can find more about Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb at, and to know more about the practice areas jump on,


Dissolution of marriage often involves an uneasy situation in and out of the courtroom. Our San Bernardino based divorce attorney will help you sort out issues of Visitation Rights, Child Support and Child Custody, which can arise during the divorce process. Our attorney will help you understand legal process; provide you a fair representation in court and take action on your behalf to ensure that your interests are protected. We direct our sincerest attention to our each client to understand their situation in detail. We always keep our client informed about the progress of the case through regular contact, which builds a confidence of our client in us. This in turn helps us to put your case in court earnestly. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney would increase the chances of you having favorable outcome. Who will help and guide you through the uncomfortable, but essential details regarding property division, Division of shared debts, Possession or sale of the marital home, Prenuptial agreement information, Child support, custody, and visitation rights and Distribution of property, bank accounts, stocks,assets, etc… You would like to have a professional yet empathetic divorce attorney by your side to assist you during the separation procedure and we assure you such service. For more information, please visit,

Child Custody

More often than not parents wanting divorce seek the court mediation to settle the issue of Childs custody due to difference in opinion among themselves, this call for the services of an attorney. These cases need a mature and experienced hands; there are instances where inexperienced attorneys have made the case worse. Our learned attorneys understand what you are going through and having dealt with so many cases know what is in your best interest. We make sure that you know the legal process before hand. We brief you adequately for the trial at courtroom and we prepare and present the case, keeping the best interest of our client in view. Our well informed and experienced attorneys make sure that you get a fair hearing and that to your satisfaction. For guidance and appropriate legal action, click on,